Mountain Climbing Packing List


  1. Thermals: 2 x thermal base layers to keep you warm (long Johns and vests made of moisture-wicking fabric).
  2. T-shirts: 2 × long/short sleeve shirts (made of quick-dry and breathable material like polyester fabric).
  3. Fleece Jacket: 1 x lightweight and warm fleece jacket or hoodie (a puffer jacket is recommended).
  4. Fleece Pants: A pair of light and warm fleece pants is necessary for cold nights.
  5. Underwear: 6 × underwear (moisture-wicking fabric).
  6. Hiking Pants: 2 x quick-dry hiking pants, preferably made of breathable material.
  7. Jackets: 1 x windproof jacket (consider one that’s also waterproof).
  8. Balaclava: A pair of windproof balaclavas or hiking buffs to protect your face from wind and frostbite.
  9. Hats: 1 x brimmed wool hat that covers ears and a shade hat with a visor.
  10. Gloves: 2 × woolen or mitten gloves (warm, thin, and windproof).
  11. Footwear: Comfortable hiking boots (waterproof, warm, and broken-in), sandals, and leg gaiters.
  12. Socks: 4 × pairs of thick woolen hiking socks and a pair of thin fleece-lined socks.
  13. Rain Gear: 1 x lightweight and waterproof rain poncho Gear.
  14. Rucksack: 65L-80L porters’ bag that fits all your items.
  15. Day Backpack: 35L-45L for carrying personal items and snacks during the day.
  16. Sleeping Bag: A warm sleeping bag (with a subzero temperature rating).
  17. Water Bottles: 2 × reusable water bottles.
  18. Water Bladder: 1 × water bladder (at least 2L).
  19. Sunglasses: A pair with UV protection.
  20. Poles: 2 x collapsible trekking poles.
  21. Lighting: 1 x headlamp or torch with extra batteries.
  22. Disposal: A few plastic zip-lock bags to carry trash and keep dirty clothes in.
  23. Gizmo: A camera and a good pair of binoculars.

First Aid & Toiletries

  1. Cloth: Facecloth, small towel, and wet wipes.
  2. Toiletries: Toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, bath soap, or shower gel.
  3. Energy Snacks: Nuts, digestive biscuits, lunch bars, dates, raisins, and other high-energy snacks.
  4. First Aid Kit: Painkillers, antiseptic, small bandages, band-aids, cotton wool, small scissors, and blister pads.
  5. Safety: Whistle, matchbox, duct tape, and a swiss army knife.
  6. Sunblock: Sunscreen (SPF 30+).
  7. Medication: Pack prescribed medication and also some anti-malaria tablets and deet-free insect spray


  1. Photocopies of your identification documents.
  2. Details of your insurance policy.
  3. Cash (for snacks and tips).

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