About Us

BEYOND ALPINE TREKKERS & SAFARIS is a travel company, which was started around 2008 by two friends, a mountaineer and adventurer. Mr. Michael a Mountaineer and Mr. Simon an adventurer, developed it over years of experience in organizing and guiding expeditions around East Africa. It’s an established guiding company with an emphasis on responsible travel and a high level of knowledge and experience. We have run trips of all levels from mountains to jungle, but majority are feasible treks and adventure holiday for the enthusiastic hikers.

A lot of our trips are to Iconic locations such as Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro as well as the 7th wonders of the world, Masai Mara game reserve.

We are also proud of our staff who have remained employees for many years. It has created a personality about the company which is anything but corporate. We are an adventure travel company founded on many years of travel and mountaineering, and Michael and Simon have built the company slowly and organically over many years.
Fundamentally the company reflects friendship formed during a lifetime of adventure.

Our office is located At Kamiti Road Jacaranda Gardens Nairobi Kenya.

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