Team Building

Beyond Alpine Trekkers and Safaris prides itself as the Premier Retreats and Event Company in Kenya. Of which we have partnered with some of the most prestigious Venues and Hotels to deliver Personalized Team Development Programs, ranging from ice breakers to full blown Indoor team building events or Outdoor activities and Themed Motivational Talks.


We have worked with many organizations in the past and in all sectors of the economy from Government Agencies, Charity Organizations, Private Corporates and Learning Institutions.

Program Focus:

We Beyond alpine Trekkers & Safaris base our Team building focus on optimizing mind power using radiant thinking through fun filled indoor and outdoor activities. We make sure Individual team members will learn to work together as a team utilizing available resources and focusing on achieving their shared goals.

Key elements of team building:

Every organization seeks to achieve its goal through enhanced productivity or efficient delivery of services by the team members. However, a chain is as strong as its weakest link thus the need to build team trust, communication, and empathy which are fundamental in constructing teams that interact efficiently and rise to challenges willingly, in a timely manner and efficiently.

Building a strong team:

Beyond Alpine Trekkers & Safaris will help your organization build strong teams by modeling ideal teamwork as a leader. We seek to equip and empower your team to communicate clearly, exhibit empathy, and delegate accordingly. These skills will ensure your teams form strong interpersonal bonds, develop resilience and flexibility, and achieve great results.

Training Objectives

  • To establish a positive team culture, the beliefs, values and norms of behavior.
  • To align team members to a shared purpose, goals and vision.
  • To enable team bonding, so that members get to know and understand each other and begin having a sense of team.
  • To enhance communication within the team
  • To boost team performance through team work

Training Methodology

We believe that individuals learn best and exploit their own potential through direct experience, engagement and participation.

Participants must become familiar not only with each of the body strength but also with strengths and weaknesses of each other and how they affect the functioning of the team.

Our Approach

Outdoor Experiential Activities

Our Outdoor programs are experiential, and our Trainers use thought provoking activities which are fun demonstrating various angles of Personal Development Skills, Work Life Balance, Personal Growth, Career Growth & Corporate life and Management.


Beyond Alpine Challenge is 1- or 2-days Mount Kenya climbing, which gives you one of the best adventure experiences on the mountain, with snow-covered peaks and panoramic views of its forested slopes and the surrounding Kenyan planes, hiking Mount Kenya promises the adventure of a lifetime.

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