Mountain Climbing

“Come touch the sky”

Climbing to 5,199 meters, Mount Kenya is the second tallest mountain in Africa. The scenery surrounding this designated World Heritage Site is breath-taking. It is pristine wilderness with lakes, tarns, glaciers, dense forest, mineral springs and a selection of rare and endangered species of animals, high altitude adapted plains game and unique montane and alpine vegetation.

Visitors can enjoy mountain climbing, camping and caving with the mountain’s rugged glacier-clad peaks providing the perfect backdrop.


Mount Kenya Nelion Peak

 8 Days Trek and Climb

A multi-pitch technical climb of the Southern East face of Nelion Peak. Eight days including west-east traverse of the mountain and two summit days.


Mount Kenya Batian Peak

8 Days Trek and Climb

We offer private guided ascents of Batian Peak, the true summit of the spectacular Mount Kenya. After the trek in and acclimatization,

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