1 Day Memorial Visit and 5 Days Mount Kenya Trek

Italians Prisoners Of War Memorial & Climb $1020

Visit the memorial site & climb Mount Kenya. 'No Picnic on Mount Kenya'

Arrive in Nairobi on November 3rd and visit the memorial on November 4th, then head for the climb on 5th to 9th November.

A five days Mount Kenya trek up the less travelled Burguret route made famous by the Italian Felice Benuzzi, (a prisoner of war) and descending the Chogoria route.

For itinerary click.https://www.beyondalpinetrekkers.com/no-picnic-on-mount-kenya-burguret-chogoria-route 

Why Italians Climb?

Climbing Mount Kenya offers Italians a symbolic journey to honor WWII prisoners of war buried in Nyeri. Scaling the peak parallels, the prisoners' challenging experiences, fostering remembrance, empathy, unity, and respect for history. The climb becomes a tribute to their sacrifice while fostering international understanding and shared values and commitment to never forget the sacrifices of the past.

The Italian War Memorial Church memorial history:

Five kilometres from Nyeri town is the Italian War Memorial Church which houses the remains of Italian soldiers captured by the British Army during World War II read more Italian War Memorial Church

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