Very few things in life beat that sense of accomplishment at the summit.

If there is one feeling you would wish to package up and share with the world, it would be the way mountains makes you feel. You will never feel more alive, free and strong in yourself than when standing on top of a mountain. The wind blowing around you, clouds shifting to give way to a beautiful sunset, your heart and lungs beating. You literally feel on top of the world.

You don’t have to be the world best climber or most accomplished adventurist to tackle some of the greatest peaks. You'll ride on our experience.

We provide guided mountain climbs and expeditions as well as the best Safaris around East Africa, chosen for their variety and quality, offering all sorts of adventures for both aspiring and experienced climbers and adventurist. All our guides are all qualified and highly experienced and we have an excellent track record of professionalism and safety.

We also specialize in tailor made mountain trips and guided itineraries in all greater ranges.

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