Italian War Memorial Church

Five kilometres from Nyeri town is the Italian War Memorial Church which houses the remains of Italian soldiers captured by the British Army during World War II.
The sanctuary, which has a hidden history, is the final resting place of 676 Italian soldiers. It has another structure beside it with remains of African soldiers, majority of them being of Somali origin, who could not be buried inside the church because of their faith.

The chapel is not your ordinary Catholic sanctuary. The building, which was constructed in 1952 still stands, decades later.
A visitor will get a chance to see the unique and original items which were left behind by the World War II soldiers. Locals says that they had no idea about the significance of the church and the history behind it, Although The church attracts many Italian tourists who pay homage to the fallen Italian prisoners.
Even today, locals in Nyeri have little idea why this church hardly opens for services and why it attracts so many Italian tourists. The interior of the church has an Italian style. It has appealing copper and bronze inscriptions. On the walls of the church are small signs indicating the name of each soldier and the battalion they served in, together with the place they died.

The tomb of Amadeo di Savoia Duca di Aosta, who was the senior Italian army officer in East Africa, is positioned near the altar in the church. His statue and military gear, are fixed atop the grave. Amadeo was the commander of the Italian forces in East Africa when Italy declared war on the United Kingdom and France in 1940. A year later, the Italians went on the defensive in East Africa after a counter-invasion by the British. Amadeo led 7,000 Italians in Ethiopia and due to the gallant exploits of the Italian battalion, they were allowed to surrender with military honours by the British.
He was later incarcerated in a prisoner-of-war camp in Nairobi where he was a leader among his fellow prisoners but he developed complications in the camp and died before the end of the war. The Italian Foreign Minister Galeazzo Ciano, under Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, paid tribute to the fallen hero and praised him in his famous diaries as a person who was humane in spirit. “Simple in his ways, broad in outlook and humane in spirit; so dies the image of a prince and an Italian,” he wrote after getting the news of his death.

Felice Benuzzi (POW)

Detained in Kenya was Felice Benuzzi, an Italian writer who tried to escape in 1943 but later surrendered to the British. Benuzzi, together with two other prisoners - Giovanni Balletto, a doctor, and Vincenzo Barsotti, a sailor - escaped from their camp and scaled Mt Kenya for 18 days with improvised equipment. The British camp commandant was astonished at their adventurous escape after they came back to the camp and as a reward for their adventure, they each received 28 days in solitary confinement. In the book, No Picnic on Mount Kenya (1947), which was first published in 1952 in English but had been published earlier in 1947 in Italian, Benuzzi penned his experience. The English version of the book was published by William Kimber of London who described it as a story of three prisoners of war (POWs) who escaped. Majority of the captured Italian prisoners of war interned in British camps where they were deployed to do civil infrastructural projects. 
The POWs constructed the Mai-Mahiu road in the Rift Valley escarpment connecting Nairobi to Nakuru. The church, which is not used for regular worship, is a tourist attraction for wartime memorial enthusiasts.

A special mass is celebrated every September 2, the official All Souls Day, according to the Catholic Church, in memory of the fallen soldiers of the war. Italian families, friends and government officials troop to this place on this day to commemorate the soldiers’ dedication to their country.

1 Day Memorial Visit and 5 Days Mount Kenya Trek

Reaching New Heights In Your Life

People who start mountain climbing for the first time may find that they need to turn back before they reach their goals at first. Mountaineering is a physically demanding activity that requires a high level of physical and mental stamina. Not everyone can summit a mountain on their first climbing trip. This is completely normal. Even if you battle at first, persevering and climbing more often will improve your stamina and allow you to climb more easily, and for longer periods of time. Every time you climb, you will build stamina. In time, this will allow you to summit mountains and perform other demanding activities with relative ease.

10 Reasons Why Mountain Climbing Improves Your Life

Even if mountain climbing has gained a reputation for being a challenging activity reserved only for the fittest, healthiest and bravest athletes. It’s well suited to many different levels of skill and ability. This means that you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy all of the benefits mountain climbing has to offer.

Speaking of benefits, mountain climbing offers a range of physical, mental, emotional, and even social benefits for climbers of all ages and levels of endurance. The aerobic and resistance physical exercise involved in this activity has the power to reduce stress and anxiety levels, boost your fitness and keep your body healthy. And the feeling of achievement when you finally reach the peak can help you to foster a more positive perspective as well.



One of the most obvious benefits of mountain climbing is that it provides a full-body workout and engages different muscle groups to build holistic fitness. More challenging climbs often require some physical preparation and training. This will help to get you into shape, keep you physically healthy, and prepare you properly so that you can climb mountains with confidence.



We live in a mentally demanding world. So, it’s no surprise that so many people today deal with high-stress levels. Physically demanding activities like mountain climbing will encourage you to get out into nature and focus on strategizing your climb. Doing this can help to take your thoughts off of the office and your responsibilities and keep your mind engaged and focused. being in nature with like-minded people will help to keep your stress levels low while you focus on staying safe and making it to the top of the mountain.



Climbing a mountain is no easy feat. But it can teach you a range of skills that have the power to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. Mountaineering teaches patience, practice, and the power of persistence, even when you encounter obstacles that may discourage you from completing the course. Mountain climbers know that they need to take their routes one step at a time until they reach their goals. This knowledge will translate well into many other areas of your life too! Once you know that you can reach a goal by taking it step by step, you can apply the same theory to other areas of your life like work or studies, to reach your objectives and improve your life.



While the emotional benefits of mountain climbing can vary widely between climbers, mountaineering generally has the ability to increase feelings of confidence and pride in your own abilities. Summiting an intimidating peak or rock face can feel like a huge achievement. This impressive achievement is one that you will want to share with friends, family, and even strangers for years to come.



maintaining physical flexibility throughout your life can decrease your chances of suffering from joint pain and stiffness later in life. The many movements involved in mountain climbing help to mobilize your joints and strengthen your muscle tissues, which in turn improves your flexibility. The more flexible you are, the less likely you are to experience pain, discomfort, and injury after a climb. And the easier it will be to climb another mountain when you’re ready!



There are countless scientific studies documenting the importance of connecting with nature for your physical, mental and emotional health. Most mountain climbs provide the perfect opportunity to do exactly that, all while providing you with clean, fresh air and beautiful scenery. A 30-minute climb or walk in nature can boost your heart health and circulation, lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels, and reduce blood pressure and inflammation. It also boosts your immune system, helping you to stay healthier. Observing and listening to birds and animals reduces stress, improves your mood and general wellbeing, and minimizes attention fatigue.



Joining a climbing club or group can introduce you to new people and social circles with similar interests to your own. This helps you to form new friendships and get out and about more often. If you’re new to an area, this is a great way to meet like-minded people who share your passion for climbing. Climbing requires a high level of trust in other people. This can help to foster deep connections with other people that you genuinely trust to help you reach the summit safely. You will meet other people with positive mindsets and the ability to cheer you on and support you. Together, they’ll help you and every team member complete their climb successfully—and you’ll do the same for them.



Every climb offers an opportunity for you to learn something new about the world around you and how to prepare for every eventuality. You will need to learn how to prepare for all types of weather, including rain and perhaps even snow. You’ll need to research the best and safest routes for your climbs, how to find the perfect gear to keep you warm and comfortable, and how to choose footwear that supports you during your activities. Plus, you’ll have to learn how to stay safe in nature, even when encountering potentially dangerous situations.



Mountain climbing is one of the best activities you can do to improve your heart health. It’s challenging and even stressful at times, which can raise your heart rate, improve your muscle tone, and increase blood flow throughout your entire body. Getting your heart rate pumping can significantly lower your risk of developing heart disease. At the same time, it will improve your overall health and fitness.



People who start mountain climbing for the first time may find that they need to turn back before they reach their goals at first. Mountaineering is a physically demanding activity that requires a high level of physical and mental stamina. Not everyone can summit a mountain on their first climbing trip. This is completely normal. Even if you battle at first, persevering and climbing more often will improve your stamina and allow you to climb more easily, and for longer periods of time. Every time you climb, you will build stamina. In time, this will allow you to summit mountains and perform other demanding activities with relative ease.

Team Building

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