Beyond Alpine Challenge is 1- or 2-days Mount Kenya climbing, which gives you one of the best adventure experiences on the mountain, with snow-covered peaks and panoramic views of its forested slopes and the surrounding Kenyan planes, hiking Mount Kenya promises the adventure of a lifetime. You can expect to pass through distinctive zones characterized by a variety of vegetation.

If there is one feeling you would wish to package up and share with the world, it would be the way mountains makes you feel. You will never feel more alive, free and strong in yourself than when standing on top of a mountain. The wind blowing around you, clouds shifting to give way to a beautiful sunset, your heart and lungs beating. You literally feel on top of the world. There’s something about the wind, the flow of water from the creeks and the vast expanse of the wilderness, that makes you feel afraid and protected, vulnerable and confident at the same time. It’s almost as though, in the whispers of the wind, you know everything is exactly how it should be and you don’t need to worry about a thing. All that you do is just being grateful to witness the nature's marvel and it pushes you to experience the creator ASAP!!

The ultimate prize for the B.A CHALLENGE is to get close enough to view the majestic snow-covered peaks Nelion and Batian. You will be able to see these 2 peaks clearly at the observation point. You will hike from 3300m at the trail head through the marsh and bog towards the observation point.


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